Permanently Plugged into the Fullness of Christ

Jesus Was …….

Jesus was crushed so that God would never crush you.

Jesus was pierced so that God will never ever pierce you with sorrows or with sickness or with poverty.

Jesus was punished so it is a guarantee that God will never ever punish you!

Jesus was made a guilt offering by God so you will never feel guilty.

Jesus was cursed so that God could remove the curse from you

Jesus was condemned so that God would remove all condemnation from you

Jesus was made powerless so that God could empower you to have victory over sin.

Jesus was separated from God so that you could have an eternal living vibrant union in Him.

Jesus was stripped naked so that God could clothe you in his robes of righteousness

Jesus was crucified so that you could receive all the riches of God through his lavish grace.


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