Permanently Plugged into the Fullness of Christ


Planted into the good soil of Jesus Christ .

Planted into His finished work, and not my own efforts.

Planted into the knowledge that I am permanently plugged into heaven, whether I feel it or not.

Planted into the good news of the New Covenant that Jesus bore the punishment for my sin, in Himself, on the cross.

Planted to effortlessly produce fruit that abides and lasts.

Planted into knowing that the power of sin, failure and condemnation is broken.

Planted into my right standing before God.

Planted into a message of love, grace and mercy.

Planted into grace that brings intimacy between me and the father.

Planted into the New Covenant and crowned with God’s glory, captured with His goodness and consumed by His grace.

Planted into believing that I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Planted into knowing that God loves me, and I love myself.

Planted into knowing that the power of Jesus breaks the hold of sin.

Planted into the reality that by His stripes I have been healed.

Planted into the person and finished work of Jesus Christ.


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