Permanently Plugged into the Fullness of Christ


By Grace

God, by grace, has already provided everything for me before I ever needed it.

God, by grace, has made provision and paid for every person’s sins.

God, by grace, has already provided healing for everyone.

God, by grace, has already done everything. He anticipated every need that I could ever have, and He already met all those needs through Jesus Christ.

God, by grace, has already provided salvation for the whole world. But you have to put faith in God’s grace to see this salvation to come to pass.

God, by grace, gives us giftings, talents and abilities that are completely independent of anything we deserve.

God, by grace, has anticipated the needs of the entire human race as well as every one of us individually.

God, by grace, commended His love towards us. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

God, by grace, loved me before I believed. God’s love for me is unconditional. It’s unending and unchanging. Since I did nothing to cause God to love me, I can’t do anything to cause Him not to love me.

God, by grace, has already provided forgiveness of sins, healing, deliverance, joy and peace. Everything has been accomplished by the grace of God.

God, by grace, has placed inside of me the same power that raised Christ from the dead.

God, by grace, has seated me in heavenly places in Christ and has given me every spiritual blessing in Him.

God, by grace has already done everything He’ll do. Through Christ’s atonement, He’s already provided everything I’ll ever need. God has already moved. He’s already saved and healed me.

God, by grace, has placed revival on the inside of me.

God, by grace, has already provided everything; He has provided everything for me. He has provided everything I need.


Jesus Was …….

Jesus was crushed so that God would never crush you.

Jesus was pierced so that God will never ever pierce you with sorrows or with sickness or with poverty.

Jesus was punished so it is a guarantee that God will never ever punish you!

Jesus was made a guilt offering by God so you will never feel guilty.

Jesus was cursed so that God could remove the curse from you

Jesus was condemned so that God would remove all condemnation from you

Jesus was made powerless so that God could empower you to have victory over sin.

Jesus was separated from God so that you could have an eternal living vibrant union in Him.

Jesus was stripped naked so that God could clothe you in his robes of righteousness

Jesus was crucified so that you could receive all the riches of God through his lavish grace.

Grace is who God is

Grace is who God is, Grace is God’s nature

This is the most amazing revelation, that grace and God cannot be separated.

God is an infinite, complete, unending, unfailing, overflowing ocean of goodness.

God is love, God is compassion, and he is an everlasting river of power devoted to us with a passion to awaken us to all Christ abundantly gave each of us at the cross.

God reconciled creation back to himself through Christ.

God saved you by his love for you.

Love defines God, he always loves and he acts only through love.

He never fails, he never wavers, his plans and dreams are always carried out.

God’s work is finished and he invites us to participle and enjoy his rest.

God’s love means that you are accepted, loved and included into the family of heaven. His grace qualifies you, his grace freely given, has no requirements, no stipulations, no obligations, it is free with no strings attached, all you have to do, is say thank you, receive it and live in it.

God’s love keeps no record of wrongs, is patient, does no harm, thinks no evil, never gives up on you, believes all things, endures all things and will never fail you.

You can never extinguish or come to the end of his infinite love.

He has given himself in love to you forever and his grace will sustain you, hold on to you, carry you, and take you into a land of unimaginable pleasure and rest.


Our impressions of who God is and all that he has accomplished for us is built up over many years of listening, studying, discovering, soaking in the revelation imparted into us. Every revelation we experience influences our vision of the world around us and the God who created it. The more we connect with that revelation the more profound the impact inside our souls.

Take for example a space rocket. If a rocket suffers a course alteration by just a fraction of a degree it could miss its destination in the stars by millions of miles.

As Christians we have a similar scenario, all those beliefs that we inherit from our teachers, pastors, speakers filter into our minds and those words shape our thinking. Everything that goes into our minds, through our senses, whether we like it or not  alters our perception of our world and slowly over time we become moulded into who we are, how we perceive and where we are going. The world in which we live in bombards us through its media and we act and live according to the information we are fed, receive and believe.

To know who God is and how he views us, it is imperative that our basis of revelation is set on the correct course and is locked into the right destination. We need to let God fill our life, our minds, our souls with his truth, and see him in all his wonderful goodness.

If you want to describe God, you need to look to Jesus, for Jesus was God revealed in flesh. And Jesus is the embodiment of grace and the extender of grace to everyone.  For God loves us so fully, so passionately, so intensely, so completely that He gave us his son in grace so that no one born of woman  ever needed to be separated from God ever again.

Grace is unmerited, unearned and undeserved favour of God in Christ Jesus, a Person not a doctrine nor a teaching but Someone who died, rose and is now seated at the right hand of the Father who is continually and consistently praying and advocating for us.

Grace brings freedom, liberty, joy, peace, righteousness and most of all intimacy with our Abba Father, it is not something we neither possess nor take hold of but someone who has caught us by His loving arms and warm embrace.

Grace has defeated sin, depicted the curse of the law and destroyed self-condemnation and self righteousness… Grace does not start nor work outside of us but has begun and deals inside of us (Rom. 8:11)…